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Virtually no tax or royalty paid on two thirds of gas exported from W.A.

on 2GB, 3AW & 4BC

Luke Grants speaks with Mark Ogge, Principal Adviser at The Australia Institute’s Climate & Energy Program, regarding their new research that shows virtually no tax or royalty is paid on two thirds of the gas exported from Western Australia. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) worth $27 billion was exported from WA last year, while only $430m

December 2021

Union leaders demand super funds dump nuclear-linked companies

in Australian Financial Review

Hostplus has agreed to divest from companies linked to the nuclear weapons industry after coming under pressure from progressive think-tank the Australia Institute and Quit Nukes. Other industry funds are being lobbied to follow suit, including AustralianSuper, which has $1.5 billion invested in 18 companies that critics say are linked to the nuclear weapons industry.

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Complementary or contradictory? An analysis of the design of climate policies in Australia

in The Age

Contrary to popular belief, the policies that are most effective in driving down greenhouse gas emissions actually raise revenue rather than cost the budget money. The Gillard Government has recently scrapped, or wound back, a range of policies designed to help reduce greenhouse gasses in order to ensure the budget returns quickly to surplus. These

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