June 2023

Inflation, Corporate Pricing and Central Banking

featuring Evan Jones

Dr Evan Jones, retired professor of Political-Economy at the University of Sydney, has published an insightful commentary on recent debates regarding corporate profits, inflation and monetary policy. With permission we reprint his article here. It originally appeared in Counterpunch. The politics of inflation in Australia Consumer price inflation in Australia reached 6.8 % in the

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Powering the Regions Fund Likely to Subsidise Coal & Gas Giants

Experts have warned that The Australian Government’s Powering the Regions Fund (PRF) will be used to subsidise fossil fuel projects. As currently proposed, the fund could leave Australian taxpayers bankrolling upgrades for global gas and coal giants that have reaped tens of billions of dollars in windfall profits and pay little if any tax in

December 2022

More than 100 experts urge Labor government to scrap stage 3 tax cuts

featuring Richard Denniss in Canberra Times

More than 100 economists and tax experts are urging the Labor government to reconsider the impending stage 3 tax cuts for high income earners, including a former RBA boss who called it a “slap in the face for disadvantaged groups”. The tax cuts are part of the previous Coalition government’s three-stage tax overhaul, which changed

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Attorney General Mark Dreyfus speaks to the Law Report

Reforming the Public Interest Disclosure Act “is a significant matter because it is linked to the national anti-corruption commission that we hope to legislate this year,” the federal Attorney General Mark Dreyfus has told the Law Report. In a wide-ranging interview, Mr Dreyfus outlines his legislative priorities, including reforming the Privacy Act, media freedoms, and

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March 2022

Training system still in disarray, despite billions spent: report

A pandemic-era $1.6 billion injection in much-needed funding into the nation’s training system has dramatically increased headcount of people in vocational courses, a new report says, but left Australia’s pipeline of skills in disarray. Three in five new apprenticeships have gone to male-dominated trades while numbers training in feminised sectors, such as aged and disability

February 2022

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