Over 30 organisations urge the Rockliff government to release Tasmania’s decade-overdue State of the Environment Report


Tasmania’s Government has failed to publish a State of the Environment Report since 2009,
despite having a legal obligation to do so every five years.

Until the report is published, there will continue to be no transparency on, or accountability for, the impacts of the Government’s planning and environmental decisions over the last decade.

A State of the Environment Report should provide a detailed update on the health of the environment and recommendations for management actions to address any declining trends. The Tasmanian way of life is under threat without it.

We urge the Tasmanian Government to publish the finalised report without delay.

Tasmanians were due to have a State of the Environment Report by June 30th, this has now been delayed until August 30th, 2024. Having given the Tasmanian Planning Commission a fraction of the funding required to produce the report, the Tasmanian Government is to blame for the delay. The Tasmanian Government must appropriately fund State of the Environment reporting in the 2024/25 Budget and adequately fund the management actions arising from the 2024 report.

It is a critical time for Tasmanians and the environment.

Tasmanians rely on a healthy environment for their wellbeing. Climate change, land clearing, fish farms and other pollution of our coastal waters, depleted fish stocks, mining, agriculture and more, are all impacting biodiversity, communities and the economy.

The Government has no margin for error when making crucial decisions that affect our environment. Responsible decision-making, underpinned by the latest science, is required.

Tasmanians need a published report to hold the Government’s decisions to account.

There are a number of contentious policy and legislation changes currently being considered by the Government. These decisions will have an impact on the Tasmanian way of life and what the Tasmanian landscape looks like for future generations.

We urge the Government to delay making such decisions until after the publication of the State of the Environment Report 2024, when the best available science should be available. By failing to do so, the Government’s position would be clear: it would rather make decisions blindly, with little regard for transparency or delivering the most considered outcome for Tasmania and the Tasmanian public.

We await Planning Minister Ellis’ swift response.


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