March 2024

February 2024

Better, Fairer Stage 3 income tax cuts

The Labor government announced changes to the Stage 3 tax cuts that delivered an additional $84 billion to low and middle income over ten years, the culmination of five years of Australia Institute research and analysis.

January 2024

Stage 3 Done Better

The Albanese Government’s decision to redesign the Morrison-era Stage 3 tax cuts is a win for equality and the economy, with $84 billion dollars delivered to low- and middle-income earners over the next ten years.

Australian fifty dollar bill. The new issue is designed to deter counterfeiting, the note is polymer and water resistant with a clear holographic strip.

How to actually do Stage 3 better

Rejigging the flawed Stage 3 tax cuts would save up to $130 billion over a decade while delivering a bigger slice of the pie to 80% of taxpayers. Here’s four ways to make that a reality.

December 2023

A pedestrian walks past the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) building in Sydney, Tuesday, February 4, 2020.

Challenging the Consensus on Profits and Inflation

The Australia Institute’s research on corporate profits – rather than wages – driving inflation has challenged one of the sacred tenets of Australian economic management, leading to pushback from the likes of pro-business media outlets and the Federal Treasury.

November 2023

Stage 3 Better – Revenue Summit 2023

by Greg Jericho

Presented to the Australia Institute’s Revenue Summit 2023, Greg Jericho’s address, “Stage 3 Better” outlines an exciting opportunity for the government to gain electoral ground and deliver better, fairer tax cuts for more Australians.

9 Takeaways from Revenue Summit 2023

Each year, the Australia Institute’s Revenue Summit brings together leaders from across the community to discuss and explore raising revenue, tax reform and building an economy that funds Australia’s public services into the future.

Making Stealthing a Crime

On November 1, 2023, Chanel Contos gave a National Press Club address, speaking on sexual violence prevention and the importance of consent education. In her address, the founder of Teach Us Consent and former director of the Australia Institute’s Sex and Gender Equality program highlighted the progress made on criminalising stealthing nation-wide, and reflected on

September 2023

‘Wages, employment and power’: Call for conference papers

The Centre for Future Work is hosting a stream at the upcoming AIRAANZ Conference. Join us as we continue the AIRAANZ and the Centre for Future Work traditions of bringing researchers and activists together to debate important issues in the world of work and industrial relations. The AIRAANZ (Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia

August 2023

Parliament House

Another Democracy Agenda reform ticked off

by Bill Browne

Last week, Education Minister Jason Clare announced that he was going to remove political interference from the Australian Research Council grants process (except for national security concerns). It is a victory for academic freedom, and a testament to the work of Senator Mehreen Faruqi – who proposed the Ensuring Research Independence Bill back in 2018.

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