April 2016

Poll: Majority of Australians want Tony Abbott to retire

New polling released by The Australia Institute shows that a majority of Australian voters (63.4%) want Tony Abbott to retire, including half (50.9%) of Coalition voters. “Across all demographics, gender and voting intentions the electorate think the former prime minister should retire,” said Executive Director of The Australia Institute, Ben Oquist. “While that is obviously

March 2016

Gender equity: big companies better on boards, but below ASX average on management positions

New Catalyst research, released for International Women’s Day, reveals the best and worst points of women’s participation in corporate Australia.  The report covers female participation on boards and in management as well as assessing policies to help women in the workplace.  While some companies in the ASX have real equality on their boards, overall the

February 2016

December 2015

Warringah Polling on Abbott’s Retirement Plans, GST Increase and 100% Renewables

Most voters in former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s electorate want him to retire at the next election, according to new polling conducted by ReachTEL for The Australia Institute as part of research about tax and climate change issues. “The polling indicates that the electorate is quickly moving on from the Tony Abbott era,” said Ben Oquist,

October 2015

Gifts, donations for access, cosy relations: Report on mining approvals in Queensland

With the Queensland Labor Government still to make a decision on the controversial Acland coal mine expansion, as well as finalising the terms of reference for the inquiry into political donations which the Annastacia Palaszczuk promised to Peter Wellington in order to form government, a report released today paints a disturbing picture of the lack

September 2015

Australian public support environmental advocacy

The mining and forestry lobby campaign to remove tax-deductibility for certain non-for-profit organisations they deem contrary to their business interests, does not have the support of the Australian public, according to new polling. Hearings are ongoing in the Government’s inquiry into the administration, transparency and effectiveness of the Register of Environmental Organisations. Many Coalition politicians

Novocastrians Back Council Investment Decision

Polling conducted over the weekend shows strong local support for the Newcastle City Council’s decision to include environmental and socially responsible factors together with financial returns in their investments.  47.3% of Novocastrians supported the council’s decision, while 24.8% were opposed.  Additionally, the majority (51.9%) of respondents to the ReachTEL polling thought that coal investments were

August 2015

Calls for code of conduct in wake of extraordinary abuse of economic modelling (August 2015)

The Australia Institute has called for a code of conduct for economic modelling. Today saw the Liberal Government produce modelling suggesting a $660 million economic cost for their climate target a day after the Environment Minister said the Labor climate policy would cost the economy $600 billion. A code would require assumptions to be revealed,

July 2015

June 2015

May 2015

Australian taxpayers’ slice of $10 million per minute fossil fuel subsidies bill

The Guardian reported this morning International Monetary Fund calculations that world fossil fuel subsidies are running at $5.3 trillion dollars annually, or $10m per minute. In Australia, successive state and federal governments have given subsidies in the form of diesel fuel rebates, infrastructure funding and royalties discounts worth billions. TAI director of research, Rod Campbell,

March 2015

February 2015

Corruption experts call to close “cavernous loophole” in lobbying register

Leading anti-corruption experts say that the lack of proper regulation of lobbying is a major corruption risk. They called on whoever forms government in Queensland to ensure that all lobbyists are included in the lobbying register, and for full disclosure of lobbying meetings.  Corruption fighting heavyweight, former ICAC Commissioner the Hon David Ipp AO QC,

January 2015

Accountability push ahead of Queensland poll

Twenty two prominent QLD legal and civil society organisations have taken out a full page add in today’s Courier Mail newspaper calling on all parties elected to the new parliament to their election commitment to honour their the principles of accountability and good governance put forward by The Honourable Tony Fitzgerald AC QC. The letter

September 2014

MR: Australia Institute calls on the Minerals Council members to come clean and apologise

The Australian Institute says the Minerals Council members – the large, mostly foreign-owned, mining companies – should explain the attacks on The Australia Institute. The Minerals Council has claimed that The Australia Institute is being directed by a political party. This is untrue and defamatory. The Minerals Council should immediately desist from making such claims

July 2014

What to make of Palmer’s gambit – A message from Ben Oquist

Last week was another big week for The Australia Institute. You might have seen that we launched another major research report, Mining the Age of Entitlement, this time on the $17.6 billion worth of  taxpayer support that State governments have given the mining industry. You might have seen Ben Oquist’s name mentioned in relation to

June 2014

Age of entitlement lives on: Report exposes billions in government handouts to mining

Age of entitlement lives on: Report exposes billions in government handouts to mining State governments are providing billions of dollars in subsidies to the minerals and fossil fuel industries, a new report by The Australia Institute (TAI) has revealed. The report exposes the massive scale of state government assistance, totalling $17.6 billion over a six-year

February 2014

December 2013

MR: Aussies in the dark about risky TPP trade deal

Most Australians aren’t aware of a trade deal which could risk environmental laws, increase the cost of medicines and enable corporations to sue Australian governments, according to a new survey by The Australia Institute. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is currently under negotiation and establishes a free trade area including Australia, the United States of America,

August 2013

Rudd wins back youth but many still undecided

Kevin Rudd’s return as Prime Minister is winning Labor the youth vote, but nearly a third of young Australians remain undecided, according to new research by The Australia Institute. The survey of more than 950 people aged 17-24 asked respondents about their voting intentions, whether they vote the same way as their friends and family,

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