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November 2018

Anti-Corruption Watchdog Needs Teeth, Analysis of State Bodies Shows

New analysis from The Australia Institute has shown that the different designs of various anti-corruption bodies at a State level yield significantly different results and has reinforced the need for a proposed Federal body to have adequate resourcing and powers. A panel of former judges that make up The Australia Institute’s National Integrity Committee have

Rising extreme heat threat to Gold Coast

Dramatic increases in extreme heat days, combined with high humidity and the urban heat island effect present an increasing threat to the health and wellbeing of Gold Coast residents. The Australia Institute’s new HeatWatch initiative, which uses CSIRO–BoM modelling, shows that the number of extreme heat days (over 35C) experienced on the Gold Coast could

October 2018

Dramatic increases on extreme heat forecast for Sunshine Coast

Households, businesses, power generators, and public infrastructure on the Sunshine Coast are under increased threat caused by a continuing increase in extreme heat temperatures, finds new research from The Australia Institute. The Australia Institute’s new HeatWatch initiative, which uses CSIRO–BoM modelling, shows that the number of extreme heat days (over 35C) experienced on the Sunshine

September 2018

July 2018

June 2018

Longman and Mayo: New Polling on Company Tax Cuts and Voter Priorities for Government Revenue

The Australia Institute commissioned ReachTEL to poll the federal seats of Mayo (736 respondents) and Longman (727 respondents) on the evening of Thursday June 21.  Key Findings: 50/50 TPP in Longman 62/38 TPP favouring Centre Alliance candidate Rebekah Sharkie in Mayo Mayo: 24.9% support for cutting company tax rate for large business (71% want tax

QLD loses out in tax cut windfall

New analysis from the Australia Institute shows that Queenslanders would receive below average benefits compared to the average Australian household from income tax cuts, outlined in the 2018 federal budget.  The figures represent the change in household disposable income (after tax income) as a percentage of change in the national average. Modelling also took into

May 2018

New Acland exports coal myths

A report released today by The Australia Institute reveals New Hope Coal’s spending on advertising and astroturfing for its controversial New Acland mine expansion. The mine in Queensland’s Darling Downs agricultural region has been fought by local farmers for a decade due to concerns over water and social impacts. The local community won an epic

March 2018

68% of PM’s electorate oppose company tax cuts

Wentworth poll shows just 27.3% support for cutting rate on profits of large companies. Poll of Brisbane shows low support for cuts to taxes and services. Polling released today by The Australia Institute of Malcolm Turnbull’s affluent federal seat shows about the same number of voters want the company tax rate increased (26%) as want

75.4% of Turnbull’s constituents support reviewing environmental approval for Adani Mine: poll

Polling released today by The Australia Institute shows strong support for reviewing the environmental approval for the Adani mine in the Prime Minister’s seat, as well as the seat of Brisbane. On the evening of 5th March ReachTEL surveyed 676 voters in Wentworth and a 747 voters in the electorate of Brisbane, with a series

November 2017

Queenslanders – North and South – back Adani loan veto: poll

A new ReachTEL poll of over 2,181 Queenslanders, commissioned by The Australia Institute, has found strong support for Queensland parties choosing to veto a federal subsidised loan for the Adani coal project. To accompany the polling (full results in PDF below), The Australia Institute has also released new research on the economic case for the

August 2017

Palaszczuk breaks promise on Adani subsidy – twice

The Palaszczuk Government risks a voter backlash as it breaks a clear election promise which ruled out subsidising the Adani coal project, according to a new report from The Australia Institute. First, the Queensland government is ultimately responsible for a $1bn subsidised loan from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF). Secondly, the Queensland government has

July 2017

Cabinet Ministers’ electorates strongly oppose coal subsidies

New polling of seven electorates belonging to senior Cabinet Ministers, including the Prime Minister, reveals strong opposition to a federal subsidised loan for Adani’s coal project, and support for instituting a moratorium on new coal mines. The Australia Institute commissioned ReachTEL to conduct surveys of 4,712 Australian residents across the electorates of Wentworth (Turnbull), Cook

May 2017

Media release: Adani could get free coal costing Qld budget as much as $1.2 billion

Following media report that the Queensland Government and Adani are negotiating a discount on the royalties the company would pay to extract the state/s coal resources, The Australia Institute has calculated the potential cost of a ‘roylaty holiday’ to the taxpayer. The Courier Mail reported that the government and Adani working on this deal: Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

March 2017

Voters oppose company tax cuts, dole cuts: Poll

Polling of the marginal seat of Dickson, the seat held by Peter Dutton, shows strong opposition to two Coalition policies before the current parliamentary sitting – welfare cuts, and cutting the company tax rate. The survey, conducted by ReachTEL for Canberra-based think tank The Australia Institute, asked respondents if the government should cut, keep the

Coalition voters asked about energy policy, Adani subsidies

ReachTEL polling for The Australia Institute of Dickson, the seat held by Peter Dutton, has shown strong support for Labor’s renewable energy target and opposition to government backing of the Adani coal mine.   Polling of the marginal Queensland electorate showed very strong opposition to subsidies going to the Adani Carmichael mine project. [FULL RESULTS IN

February 2017

Dawson Polling: One Nation surge, support for RET, opposition to company tax cuts

New polling of Dawson, the seat held by George Christensen, conducted by ReachTEL, commissioned by The Australia Institute, shows support for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party at level pegging with the LNP at 30% of the primary vote. Issue-based questions in the same poll revealed strong support in Dawson for an increase to the renewable

December 2016

Open letter puts unanswered economic questions on Adani project to PM

The Australia Institute have today published an open letter to the Prime Minister outlining the unasked and unanswered economic questions regarding the Adani Carmichael mine proposal and its potential public subsidisation of $1 billion. The letter appears as a full-page advertisement in the Australian Financial Review. The questions put: 1 –  Will the Adani mine

September 2016

Another day, another $100m subsidy to coal

The Australian government’s settlement with the owners of a coal ship represents another subsidy to the coal industry. With the government settling for $39.3 million while estimating clean up costs of $140 million, the difference represents a cost to taxpayers and or our environment of over $100 million. It’s not clear whether the Australian government

The sunshine state supports ARENA: Poll

Queenslanders resounding oppose government moves to cut the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, which invests in renewable energy projects and innovation. ReachTEL conducted a survey of 1,701 residents across Queensland during the evening of 30th August 2016. Question: The Australian Renewable Energy Agency funds new renewable energy construction and research in Australia. Should the Senate pass

August 2016

Sound economics as Victoria quits fracking for good

The Victorian Government’s decision to ban fracking is based on sound economic and energy policy.   Queensland’s experiment in unconventional gas has demonstrated that the economic benefits promised by the gas industry largely failed to materialise, and there has been an enormous downside to other industries.   Arguments that the gas is needed have rung hollow as Australian domestic gas demand

May 2016

Facts on jobs, coal and Queensland

The coal industry has always been a minor employer in Queensland. At its peak it employed fewer people than the arts and recreation industry, but in recent years has shrunk further, shedding 10,000 jobs in Queensland and now representing less than 1 percent of the state’s workforce. “Our Research shows that the coal industry makes

April 2016

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